Monday, September 28, 2009

Kobbari Laddu(Coconut Jaggery Laddu)

  It is very easy & delicious sweet made with coconut and jaggery


Coconut -1 cup(shredded)
Grated Jaggery -1 cup(add more if u like more sweetness)


1.In a heavy bottom vessel add coconut and jaggery and cook on medium heat.Jaggery starts melting after few minutes and let the coconut to cook in the jaggery syrup for some time.
2.Add water to get pakam when the mixture becomes dry.Keep on stirring continously untill mixture is thick(donot cook for long it makes ur laddu hard)
3.Take off from the heat and keep aside.
4.When the mixture gets warm grease ur palm with ghee/oil and make laddos of size desired.Don't allow the mixture to cool,it's difficult to make laddu.

    Now kobbari laddoo is ready.Please post ur comments on this recipe.

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